• What is Service of Process?

    A process server is an individual who provides personal delivery of legal documents or documents filed by the court in each state. Every State is governed by their individual laws within each state in the United States of America. Where the court document or documents are generated from and filed, is where that State's laws are set forth for process servers.

  • What are E-File Service Providers and what do they do?

    A e-File Service Provider is a company that provides access to file documents electronically or they can file Court documents on your behalf depending on which service they provide.

E-File Service Providers
  • What is a Private Investigator?

    A Private Investigator is also a Private Detective.

    A Investigator is one who searches for information pertaining to a legal case and provides proof of the results. Some of their services include searching for missing persons, personal and financial information.


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